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Elementary Family Survey

Family Picnic Thanks!

Thanks to all the families who came out for the Family Picnic this past Saturday… We hope you had a great time together.


And again, a HUGE THANKS to Florida Baptist Children’s Home for allowing us to use their property. FBCH is one of our missions partners at UBC - click here to find out more information about their programs & how you can help.

Feed Miami: Love the Homeless Update


This month we’ve been talking about the virtue of kindness, which is showing others they are valuable by how you treat them. No one can say, do or give anything to us that tops what God did for us when He sent Jesus to save us. He did this not because we deserve it, but because He loves us. That’s why everyone is important and valuable to God. He made them, and He loves them like sons and daughters; and that’s one reason Jesus wants us to treat others kindly: to show them they are valuable to God. He goes so far as to say that when we treat someone kindly, especially one less fortunate than ourselves, it’s as if we’re treating Him that way. We’ll see that in Matthew 25:35-40, our Bible lesson for this Sunday.

Have you seen people with signs that say “Hungry” or who tell you something about their family’s needs? Imagine Jesus holding that sign. Would you show Him kindness? I bet you would! We’re encouraging you to look around your community for people in need and treat them as Jesus would. There are many ways we can help, and here are some ideas to get you started:

We have purchased some wonderful books that we are encouraging you to check-out and read at home as a family. For each book, we’ve prepared questions to discuss afterwards. Click here for the list of books and their descriptions. These books may be checked out from Alison Bisesi at the Family Ministry Table by the kiosks. We have also prepared resources to assist you as you discuss important issues like homelessness with your children. Just imagine the benefits of spending time focusing on the ills in our society that Christ wants to change through His people:

  • By parents teaching their children about homelessness, it will help both generations become more aware, compassionate, caring people.
  • By parents participating in Feed Miami – Love the Homeless, families will appropriately reach out to, rather than fear a homeless person.
  • By parents teaching their children about homelessness, it helps each family member not to develop preconceptions and judgment of people.
  • By teaching about homelessness and expressing acts of kindness, we help children not to be so egocentric and focused on their own “wants,” encouraging them to be focused on the “needs” of others.
  • By teaching children about homelessness, they will be empowered to make a difference by “bringing God’s kingdom to earth as it is in heaven.”

I believe that within our UBC families are children who God will call out for even greater things- things like eradicating homelessness. Are you cooperating with Him and preparing them for His service? Be here this weekend, and we’ll do it together!

Feed Miami: Love the Homeless

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For the next 2 Sundays (February 13th & 20th), we will be collecting the above items for our KINDNESS PACKS. Bins will be placed next to the check-in kiosks during all 3 Sunday services. Click here for a downloadable list of items being collected.

Before you begin purchasing or collecting items for the kindness pack, make sure to check out our new Weekly Coupons & Promotions page, which includes deals from Publix, Winn Dixie, Target, and CVS on several of the items above

Kindness packs will be assembled on Sunday February 27th - stay tuned for more information on assembling, as well as regular Family Ministry email & blog updates throughout the month of February about Feed Miami: Love the Homeless.