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How Families Can Help Haiti

Summer in Haiti

This picture was taken with Mission to Haiti this summer in Port-au-Prince

As the grim news continues to be broadcast from Haiti, perhaps you, like I, have felt the desire to do more, much more, especially for the children in Haiti. I’m grateful that UBC has opportunity to give, through established mission partnerships in Haiti, and proud that our families are helping families. To date, we have collected 26,000 lbs. of food, water, and medical supplies and $13,000 in cash donations which are being distributed through Food for the Poor and Mission to Haiti.

Understandably, there is much interest from organizations and UBC parents relating to foster care or adoption of children orphaned in Haiti [check out our recent post with NBC News Reports on Haitian Adoptions] . I have sent an email to all active UBC families with important information to be prayerfully considered during these weeks, perhaps even months, where the number one priority in Haiti regarding these children, is to be vigilant not to separate them from relatives who are still alive but displaced. If you did not receive it but would like a copy please email family@ubcmiami.org.

James 5:16b (NLT) says, “The earnest prayer of a righteous person has great power and produces wonderful results.” Let’s make this one powerful way for us to join together, demonstrating God’s love for Haiti through our families. We have put together a prayer guide for families to be used during the month of February. This is only a suggested guide. As a parent feel free to adapt it as necessary for younger children and to best meet your family’s needs. The most important part is to commit to the 28 days of prayer. To download the prayer guide in PDF form click this link: 28 Days of Prayer for Haiti.  A great way to keep this going all month is to ask your children to remind you. Because we are doing this as a church family, we can encourage one another by posting comments of your family’s specific prayers, ideas, and experiences during the month of February.